SODILOG develops e-stores and manages Internet websites on your behalf. Websites allow you to present your brand and collections and most importantly to sell your products online.

The final consumer can check on inventory, make an order and pay online with SODILOG payment devices. The order is then automatically integrated into our IS. Once credit check is done the order is prepared and dispatched the same day.

When your website is up and running, SODILOG can manage it on your behalf and make updates, include pictures, news, create newsletters… based on your instructions.

SODILOG manages Web orders the same way as BtoB orders. As such SODILOG project leader is available to answer any questions related with payments, exchange/return policy, delivery, credit notes. As for BtoB orders SODILOG also transfers the margin and total sales to you account.

With SODILOG you can also access different marketplaces in which we have our own e-shop. This e-shop helps you to sell your products without building your own website. Marketplaces orders are managed the same way as usual Web orders with a dispatch in 24 hours from consumer payment confirmation.

To sell products through Marketplaces is an efficient lever to test the design and price of a product or simply to deplete an inventory.