Logistics and AEO

SODILOG takes the ownership of the import process from your supplier’s gate or from the departure port. The import is managed by SODILOG with a carrier or freight forwarder of its choice in order to bring in the goods as quickly and efficiently as possible, either by road, sea or air.

Most of the time your goods are delivered to SODILOG warehouse. Depending on your needs and the timings your products can also be transported directly to you client. In any case the custom clearance is managed by SODILOG.

SODILOG operates with two warehouses for a total surface of 40,000 m².

Specs and business needs of each client are taken into consideration throughout the season, however there’s always a baseline or standard process for goods reception :

  • Every goods reception is prepared well in advance, based on product catalogue and packing lists.
  • The custom status of the goods is checked and SODILOG proceeds with custom clearance.
  • Containers or trailers are unloaded. SODILOG runs a quality and quantity check based on packing lists. Then goods are put in stock.

Then follows the order preparation :

  • Preparation (packs or picking) according to clients specs (labels, stickers, gencods, blisters, hangers, pallet format and type, max. weight per parcel).
  • Order check
  • Selection of the best transport mode and communication of your clients logistics specs (appointment, contact to call at client warehouse, delivery date and time)
  • Issuing of bill of lading, packing lists and any other documents your client would require (example : Certificate of Origin for export outside EU).
  • Dispatch of the orders with carriers selected by SODILOG.


Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Since June 25, 2013 SODILOG is recognized as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). This official certification was granted by the Customs Administration after a thorough audit of our operations, processes and workflow.

The AEO certification enables SODILOG to have a privileged status and to custom clear goods in-house in its name. This simplified process constitutes a competitive edge as it ensures a fast and efficient custom clearance for your products.

Key facts about AEO status
  • Certification delivered by Customs Administration
  • Secured supply chain and logistics
  • Custom clearance in house
  • AEO-F : Customs simplification and Safety-Security : certification for companies which can demonstrate:
    • Physical control and monitoring of goods within an international logistic area
    • Very strong custom tracking record with Customs Administration and very strong cash flow
  • Recognized in the whole European Union
  • Essential to dispatch products to USA
  • The AEO status is an official Quality and Reliability recognition from the Custom Administration