One of SODILOG aims is to finance goods/products flows from the supplier order until delivery to clients.

You select your suppliers and confirm your buying prices. SODILOG confirms in its name, on your behalf an order to your supplier. SODILOG will pay this order taking into account that most of suppliers payments are made through irrevocable Letters of Credit.

SODILOG has the capability to hedge currency in order to mitigate or cancel the currency risk exposure (several possibilities are available).

Besides suppliers payments SODILOG also finances all steps of the import process. This includes custom duties and VAT payment. All those financing activities are made on your behalf.

In the meantime SODILOG runs a credit insurance check on the clients who ordered your products. With its insurer and with your acceptance SODILOG can adapt the coverage threshold depending on the size of your client order so you can secure your margin and profit.

Upon goods reception at its warehouse, SODILOG prepares the orders, dispatch and deliver them. SODILOG invoices your clients at the time they receive their orders. SODILOG will also cash in their payments.

When invoices are past due, SODILOG takes actions to collect payments (dunning letters, past due invoices declaration to credit insurance, litigation).

At the end of the season SODILOG transfers the margin to your account. The margin is calculated from the total sales (net revenue) minus purchases and SODILOG commissions. SODILOG also transfers the net revenue to your account so you can have in your financial statement.