With its back office capabilities SODILOG offers several tools so your brands or licenses management is efficient.

We allocate one dedicated project leader to your brands or licenses who will be the main point of contact for your clients, sales agents, suppliers, freight forwarders and logistic platforms. All players of the supply chain are in touch with your dedicated SODILOG project leader in order to have a successful season.

The project leader receives, checks and keys-in your clients orders. After all orders are set up in our IS (Information System) we sort out the products and build the supplier orders. The next step is to open the letters of credit based on a proforma invoices issued by your supplier.

SODILOG takes care of importing the goods and is in touch with your clients to provide them with information on product availability.
SODILOG project leader can also get re-orders directly from your clients. Those re-orders are dispatched with your agreement only. Besides appointment requests and monitoring deliveries, the project leader will also manage products pick up/returns as well as credit notes.

Every day 50 statistics reports are updated and available online on an extranet website dedicated to your brands and licenses. Here below some examples of available data (non inclusive listing):

  • Available inventory
  • Orders dispatched
  • Clients payments
  • Sales agents commissions

Those report help your to monitor your business and make fast and efficient decisions.

With more than 60,000 deliveries per year SODILOG is experienced with specs and delivery constraints of many clients across the globe (boutiques, shops, supermarkets, key accounts specialized in e-business…). In 2015 SODILOG has delivered clients located in most of the UE countries, North America, Middle-East and Asia.