OPPI is a newcomer to the SODILOG world. Bastien and Hansel have been working for a long time to design a product for their brand aiming to stimulate personal development, creativity and better focusing abilities for children.

The brand's first product is called PIKS and has been developed alongside with many specialists in children's concentration disorders. PIKS, is a creative toy designed to improve the attention span and the concentration of children.

The goal of the game is simple: create the most original and impressive structure without dropping any parts!

The product consists of beechwood plates, silicone cones (non-toxic), an instruction booklet and a natural cotton bag. 4 kits of different sizes are available for sale: Small, Medium, Big and an Education kit intended for schools, nurseries and hospitals. After a few years spent developing their dream product on their own, OPPI joined SODILOG to allow them a more peaceful business development and also focus on opening new accounts, sales and developing new products.

PIKS has already been very successful at trade fairs and have won many awards: Gold Medal of the Concours Lépine International of Paris, Medal of the city of Paris and the Medal of the operating company of the Eiffel Tower but also the Toy Star Award, Core 77 Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. The products are already available for many retailers across Europe and of course on the OPPI website:

The whole SODILOG team is very excited about this collaboration and hopes for a great success both nationally and abroad.